Our aim is to offer high-quality parts to our customers that will serve them for a long time to come.

Alkentech Hydraulic Sim Racing Pedals

Alkentech AKT-HY is designed to be the ultimate sim racing pedals for use in the high end and professional motorsport simulation market.

All pedal parts are made from high quality CNC machined aluminium for maximum durability, strength and looks. Designed and developed in CAD and FEA.

With pedals being made to order it gives you as a customer the option to have them anodnized in any color you’d want to or keep them aluminium colored for the raw look.

20 000 SEK ex VAT

Approx. 1850€

Custom steering wheels

Alkentech offers custom built steering wheels made to order. Everything from a complete build down to DIY parts. Feel free to drop us an email for further information.

Shifter Paddles

In the quest to find a good balance on high quality and cost effective solutions, Alkentech has developed their own set of paddle shifters.

They are manufactured with laser 3d printing technology and the snap-action feel is made through magnets.

Turn key simulators

Get a complete sim racing solution just for you.

Everything for your sim racing needs.