The Throttle Pedal features a smooth feel, with adjustable spring force and pre-load tension for the perfect feel. It offers you adjustable pedal throw up to 100mm to replicate all kinds of real-life cars. We use motorsport-spec throttle-position sensors proven in both racing and rallying by Alkentech’s motorsport division customers. Adjustable pedal angle and pedal-pad height.

The Brake Pedal is engineered to handle over 200kg of pedalforce with absolutely ZERO flex. Utilizing the Doppler 77 Series master cylinders with a rear mounted spherical bearing and one-piece piston/ pushrod eliminate side thrust into the master cylinder bore, providing consistent and repeatable braking and excellent pedal feel. Adjustability is offerd through diffrent mounting positions for the master cylinder giving you two different pedal-ratios, 3:1 and 4:1, to have the option to have a Formula 1 type pedal-feel or a GT/Roadcar brake-feeling. Further adjustments are possible to make with the Wilwood slave-cylinder that acts as a brake caliper & brakepads. By changing the brake-stack you can get any brake feel you desire and even create you own desired feel. Adjustable pedal angle and pedal-pad height.

The Clutch Pedal Under development.

Electronics are plug and play into an aluminium box, with screw in connectors that will not fall off or get loose in case you have a motion and/or bass-shakers on your rig. Electronics are supplied by Leo Bodnar Electronics. Cables are made to order which offers you as a customer the option to put the electronics box wherever you desire on your rig.

Price: 20 000 SEK ex VAT

Approx. 1850€